Leyla Palser

At 16 years old, Leyla is in the World Class Olympic Taekwondo Programme. Leyla is British Taekwondo National Champion 2021, and European Champion 2019.

About Leyla

Leyla is a 3rd dan black belt in Taekwondo and part of the GB Taekwondo team. Leyla recently defeated Katarzyna Bartnikowska from Australia at the 2022 Swedish Open.

Leyla's Taekwondo account on Instagram is called leylapalser.tkd

Leyla is sponsored by

and has received support from SportsAid, Sport England, and the GLL Sport Foundation.

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Leyla joins the Olympic Programme

In January 2022, Leyla announced she had been selected to join the World Class Olympic Taekwondo programme as a full time athlete.

A Taekwondo Champions Story

Issy Films created this YouTube video which summarises Leyla's journey in Taekwondo up until 2017.

Taekwondo Data

This page provides Leyla's fight records and statistics.

Leyla takes Gold for Poomse in 2015

At the UK Southern Area Open in 2015, Leyla takes Gold aged 10 years old. In the 40-45kg category.

Southern Area Poomse in 2015

This is Leyla at 10 years old working through the elimination process at the UK Southern Area Open in 2015.